St. James' Preschool: A Unique Place to Learn, Grow, and Play!

Preschool is the perfect place where your child will play and learn! St. James’ Preschool offers children a program that is developmentally appropriate and engaging for children ages 2-5. We believe that a child’s work is play and that he/she learns actively through all the senses. Our program provides opportunities for growth in language and literacy development, physical development, fine motor skills, mathematics skills, science and social studies, and the arts. We also include a special focus on the social and emotional development of each child as they learn to work and play together as a class community. .

The Twos

Our earliest learners, the twos will learn how to express themselves and get along with others in a group setting.

The Threes

Children in the three year old class will continue the lessons of the twos while learning self control, language expression and early academic skills like sitting for circle time and working on projects.


Our pre-K students will be fully prepared for kindergarten by learning skills such as independence, working as a team and helping others.


Our summer program at St. James' combines learning and summer fun!