Summers at St. James’ Preschool

Summer Camp

Our summer camps have different themes to extend on the fun of the school year! Each camp session is 2 weeks long, and there are 4 sessions over the summer. Camp begins on June 20.

Backyard Nature Camp: This camp will introduce art projects, cooking activities, and science experiments using items found in our own backyards! We will work on building up a garden to grow fruits and vegetables, and we will spend a lot of time outdoors on our large, beautiful campus exploring nature.

Under the Sea Camp : Under the Sea camp allows all little ocean explorers to learn more about the ocean! Each day we will introduce a different ocean animal or concept, and we will make crafts, prepare snacks, and learn more about what is in the sea.

Circus Camp: Come learn how to be a circus performer! Circus camp will allow campers to have fun while learning juggling, giant bubble blowing, balance beam walking and more! We will also make circus crafts and get to practice our acrobatic skills while enjoying outside playtime.

Science Camp: Every day is a different science experiment! We will explore with shaving cream, ice painting, glitter, fabric, tye-dye and other materials. This is not just a crayon and paper camp!



Summer camp tuition can be paid in a few different ways. Current families can keep their same schedule and pay the same tuition they currently pay. New families and current families can switch to their fall 2017 schedule. Camps can also be registered for individually; all camps are two weeks long.

Full Summer Tuition (June 19-August 11)

5 Days Monday/Wednesday/Friday Tuesday/Thursday
Full Time 7am-6 pmAll ages $1440 $880 $600
Part Time 9am-12:30 pmAll ages $832 $512 $352


Individual Camp Sessions

Full Time: Per Camp Session (each session is 2 weeks) 7 am-6 pm

5 Days Monday/Wednesday/Friday Tuesday/Thursday
All ages $378 $231 $158


Part Time: Per Camp Session (each session is 2 weeks) 9-12:30 am

5 Days Monday/Wednesday/Friday Tuesday/Thursday
All ages $218 $135 $93