Two Year Old Program

The two year old program introduces our youngest learners to being in school. In the twos the class size will be no more than 8 children with 2 teachers, which means each child will be given lots of individual attention. The children will start their day with circle time, where they will learn about shapes, colors, and more through songs, stories and interactive activities. The two year old curriculum is based on units and themes, so your child may spend a week learning ab0ut the zoo while making animal prints with paint, cooking “monkey bread” in our kitchen, or┬ádesigning a lion mask with crayons and yarn. Each activity taught is specially designed to help guide your child through learning about science, art, math, language and social concepts.

Our two year olds will get to enjoy lots of outside playtime, where they will develop their physical motor skills while climbing, swinging, and running! In the classroom your two year old will enjoy playtime with friends while learning how to share, take turns and develop their language skills. We are so excited to welcome our two year old friends to St. James’ Preschool!