Gradual Entry

At St. James’ Preschool, the staff accepts each unique individual and supports each child as they set their own pace while experiencing a new situation such as being separated from a parent for the first time and attending school. For two year old children, the first week of school starts slow. On Monday, the children attend with their parents and everyone leaves at 10:30am. Then on Tuesday, the two year olds will stay through lunch. Beginning on Wednesday, the two year olds stay for the full day. However, due to individual differences in personality and temperament, your child may take a little longer to acclimate and may benefit from doing more half days and then coming for full days when they are ready. We are flexible!

The threes and fours will follow the same routine for Monday and may start coming for full days on Tuesday. However, if you feel your child needs a little extra time to acclimate, you may choose to allow a few more half days to allow your child the time they need.

Our main focus is the children, and if you feel your child is having trouble acclimating to school, please speak with the director. We believe that the gradual entry process will make the school transition smoother for the children, parents and teachers alike.