Events at St. James’ Preschool

We have so much going on throughout the school year and summer! We have lots of celebrations at St. James’ Preschool, like trick or treating and class parties at Halloween, an International Family Feast for Thanksgiving, our yearly Christmas concert, and more! We will have our annual Pumpkin Patch field trip in October to take a hayride and pick a pumpkin. In November St. James’ Church has their annual HolidayFest as a start to the holiday season. We will visit the zoo and also be visited by the Reptile man!

Giving back to the community is emphasized at St. James’ Preschool. We hold a Toy Drive during the Christmas season and during the Thanksgiving season we will put on a food drive to benefit the Hereford Food Bank and make a mitten tree for the local shelter. Giving to others helps build compassion and empathy in children, which are important qualities to begin building on in preschool.